Off the Shoulder Boho Dress - Aqua green

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This ankle length sleeveless dress is the ideal for a summer party, a hippie wedding or a beach cocktail. The front and back lapel has an asymmetric cut, with the point falling in the middle. The elastic around the chest area holds the dress in place and can be pulled up over the shoulders for a different look.

The soft and stretchy fabric ensures you’re comfortable while feeling confident all day and night.

Recommended for: tall women who like to stand out in a relaxed boho style. The dress is extra long so might require some tailoring depending on your height. 

Size: One size, fits best medium and large

Material: stretch 100% Rayon

Measurements: Variable length from 142 cm to 145 cm, when worn off the shoulders, shorter if you pull it over the shoulder

Available in 2 colours

Grey Marble

Aqua Green

Model is 1.69cm


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